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I grew up on a cattle ranch in remote west central Wyoming. I still live in the small mountain town in where my family homesteaded in the 1890s. I spend as much time in the outdoors; mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing and horseback riding with my family as I possibly can.

My background is in marketing and graphic design. I have owned and operated small businesses for the last 15 years. As a designer I have spent time tinkering with my computing systems, both Mac and Linux, and playing with code.

I have spent the last few years self-teaching programming from 5am to 7am every day, learning; Python, Bash, Docker, Haskell etc, as well as working my way through Udacity’s AI for Finance Nanodegree and will complete the Blockchain Nanodegree in the near future. My current goal, aside from mapping out my self-teaching journey here, is to master smart contract design and development.

I have been fascinated by economics, finance, currency, and complex systems for many years. This curiosity and mental noodling exposed me to Bitcoin and I have been slowly working my way in to the decentralized blockchain space. I see tremendous opportunity in Dapps and DAOs.

Decentralized Trustless Networks are an exciting new toolset with the potential to provide humanity much needed options in a rapidly developing information based economy. The ability to control and manage your own data in a manner that suits your needs, could have a massive impact on our future.

A couple of things I am proud of, a happy family with twin boys and I built my own home.

Thanks for stopping by. -Heath