Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Holochain

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Do you really need a blockchain?

These questions were originally put together by Viant, a ConsenSys incubated company, that built an asset and domain agnostic blockchain-based supply chain platform TraSeable Solutions.</p>

Problem of Value Identification

  1. Is there a need to share information, credentials or value with others?
  2. Is trust a critical requirement to the process?
  3. Do you need to prove to others you are transacting/reporting accurately?
  4. Is there potential to monetize the data or digital asset in the value chain?
  5. Who owns the problem? Individual or industry wide challenges?

Stakeholders buy in

  1. Is there a network of stakeholders (i.e. more than 2)?
  2. Is there a dependency on others for information?
  3. Does more than one participant need to update the data?
  4. Is there scope to open up the ecosystem to ancillary parties in the future?
  5. Are you working with other industry players on any activities?

Technical considerations

  1. Is there any ongoing need or future requirements for high data throughput?
  2. Do you rely or use public data sources to make decisions?
  3. Do you need to store a particularly rich/complex data structure?
  4. Do you need to digitize assets in your value chain?
  5. Do you need transaction privacy? Do you need anonymity?

Resources for Web Services

Need a review for Web Services or Javascript? Checkout these courses:

Upcoming plan to build web service with private blockchain

  • Configure API web service with GET/POST endpoints
    • Build and deploy local web service with Node.js
    • Configure API endpoints with static mock data for testing
      • GET - Block by ID
      • POST - New Block
  • Migrate your private blockchain to your API web service
    • Configure API endpoints to interact with your private blockchain
      • GET - Block by ID
      • POST - New Block
    • Create a method to validate blockchain health