Git Configuration


HTTPS Password

Config Files

Config error

  • After moving config files to different directory
  • Fixing this error git: 'credential---file=~/.git-credentials' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.
  • git config --unset credential.helper you may need to add the --global flag.
  • To check your config settings git config --list
  • To find which helpers you have git help -a | grep credential-
  • Point to your hellper git config --global credential.helper <helper-name>

GitHub Configuration

GitHub Pages

Custom Domains

  • Managing a custom domain for your GitHub Pages site

  • Configure DNS A records to point at naked/apex domains e.g.
  • CNAME Records point to subdomains like
  • To list the current ip addresses your domain points to: ```bash dig +noall +answer ``